Binance Liquidity Changes

Recently Binance banned their Binance.com apis to be viewed from US based addresses. Ie it banned servers being hosted on US regions with US IP’s and binance liquidity scripts Now to solve the issue there are few methods. switch from … Read More

CMC Listing Module: The Key to Elevating Your Crypto Project

Getting listed own project can be a tough cookie.
If you are Coin or Token you need to be listed on some exchange for pricing.
For Exchange, you need proper software/script to provide pricing and Map with Their 8000+ assets.
Keeping up with other market pricing is also a challenge, where Liquidity Module comes into play. … Read More

binance liquidity script

Free Coins Module Or Faucet is now Available

can now add free coin faucet for your registered users , in there define coin quantitiy, and duration per user claim, Maximum a faucet can empty and many more. … Read More

CryptoNote [Monero] Exchange Software

**Monero (XMR) Integration with Codono** Are you looking to enhance your cryptocurrency exchange with the utmost security and privacy features? Codono now offers seamless integration with Monero (XMR) and various other Cryptonote Protocol-based cryptocurrencies. With Monero, ByteCoin, DashCoin, and other … Read More

Configure Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Email ?

Myths About Email Integration In Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Email is very important that email is sent using a reliable source , People sometimes overlook the email importance and use basic PHPmail or SMTP emails. You would either need to add … Read More