Ethereum Virtual Machine

Powerful Integration to support all evm chains.


One Integration

Exchange would work with All Networks working on EVM Chains.

All Chain Networks listed on + Any Private EVM, ERC20, BEP20, Hec20 or any other.

Public RPC, Moralis , Binance Seed. Name it and it works with codono.

Frequently asked questions

Can my private blockchain work?

100% , It would work right away .

Do you provide Guide for it ?

Yes ,it comes with complete Guide and Setup instructions.

Does it create deposit address for all ?

Yes, It would connect with your Geth node to create new address for each of customers.

Which are the EVM chains?

There are More than 218 chains , However It can support any chanin using RPC apis for Geth . See here

Do you offer an education discount?

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Can I list ERC20 type tokens?

Yes , ERC20, BEP20, HEC20 or any other Token using erc20 EIP will be auto supported.

Start own exchange with Ethereum supported Networks