Free Coins Module Or Faucet is now Available

binance liquidity script

Cryptocurrency Faucet Script Most Popular User Engadgement Feature is Out now with Codono. [All versions]

You can now add free coin faucet for your registered users Using Cryptocurrency Faucet Script in there define coin quantitiy, and duration per user claim, Maximum a faucet can empty and many more.

Feature allow your users come come again and again to your exchange.

Create Faucet for Any Coin

For Any quantity

Define User Consume per attempt

Maximum attempts per Faucet

Total Consumable Coin Quantity

Instant Coin Transfer

Trc20 Faucet Script works with tron network

crypto faucet is an script or software that provides small quantity of cryptos as a reward for furnishing tasks. These are called cryptocurrency faucets. Crypto faucets are does not provide huge crypto amount , but they can act as a loyalty reward program that generates extra source of income for users, by performing simpler tasks such as daily login , Voting etc. For example An Ethereum faucet is one that provides ETH, the erc20 tokens of the Ethereum network. Ethereum faucets, like some other faucets.Bitcoin faucets are exchanges that reward tiny qunatity of Bitcoins (Sats) for free, by completing easy tasks like submitting a captcha, logins , voting , or similar tasks. 

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