Understanding Spot Trading

Spot trading in the context of financial markets, particularly in cryptocurrency exchanges, refers to the buying or selling of assets for immediate delivery. It contrasts with futures trading, where contracts are bought and sold for delivery at a future date. … Read More


EVM ETH Network Gas Explained

Ethereum’s Gas Fees are a critical aspect of the network, applying to both ETH transactions and ERC20 token transfers. Understanding how these fees work and how they’re calculated can help in strategizing to save on costs. This is especially relevant for users and crypto exchanges. … Read More

Waves Platform Setup on Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Setting Up a Waves Platorm Full Node on Digital OceanYoutube tutorialSecure your waves NodeUpdated Tutorial ==Steps==*Note you may need to use sudo , This tutorial can be used for steps , We recommend to followlatest procedure from waves documentatonStep 1Update … Read More

Codono Bitcoin Daemon Install

BitCoin Daemon Setup Video 1 This tutorial makes it easy for you to understand How Bitcoin Daemon Configuration and installation needs to be done on Cryptocurrency Exchange Software .Bitcoind Daemon node configuration on DigitalOcean VPS https://codono.com

Create and Importing MYSQL Database in Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

DigitalOcean Step 1.Command Line Create and Import cPanel Step 1 .Create Database Step2. Locate PHPMyadmin In cPanel Step 2.Import Database Plesk Step 1.Create Datavase Step2. Locate PHPMyadmin In Plesk Step3.Import Database

cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

Curl Error Cryptocurrency Exchange Software To setup MailJet sender with Codono Crypto Exchange Software , You may face CACERT.PEM issue. It can be quickly resolved. Why Error? Transfer of sensitive information is typically done under the cover of digital certificates. … Read More