cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

Curl Error Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

To setup MailJet sender with Codono Crypto Exchange Software , You may face CACERT.PEM issue. It can be quickly resolved.

Why Error?

Transfer of sensitive information is typically done under the cover of digital certificates. The certificate will help confirm to the recipient that the sender is actually who they claim they are. Digital certificates are issued by certificate authorities.

A list of trusted certificate authorities and their root certificates are installed on a server when a digital certificate is applied to the server. Transactions over regular HTTPS will revert to this list for communication. However, CURL does not follow the rules. You need to tell curl about the ca root certificates in your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

How to Resolve! 

Installing Automatically Converted CA Certificates from
Download cacert.pem
Move the cacert.pem file to the affected computer, e.g.

Or in windows
Edit the php.ini file and change the curl.cainfo parameter, e.g.
curl.cainfo = “/etc/pki/tls/cacert.pem”
curl.cainfo = “C:\php\extras\ssl\cacert.pem”

You may need to restart your apache/nginx

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