Tron Energy and Bandwidth

How does tron Energy & Bandwidth Work?

Tron utilizes two key resources: Energy and Bandwidth, to manage its network and transactions. Here’s a detailed explanation: Energy Bandwidth Freezing TRX Key Points Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Codono uses Its main address to Move sufficient energy as Gas to move … Read More

Binance Clone

How to create Binance like Exchange ie Binance clone ?

Creating a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance would be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring a significant amount of technical expertise and resources. Here are some of the key steps involved in creating an exchange like Binance: Creating Binance Like exchange … Read More

Binance Liquidity Changes

Recently Binance banned their apis to be viewed from US based addresses. Ie it banned servers being hosted on US regions with US IP’s and binance liquidity scripts Now to solve the issue there are few methods. switch from … Read More

binance liquidity script

Free Coins Module Or Faucet is now Available

can now add free coin faucet for your registered users , in there define coin quantitiy, and duration per user claim, Maximum a faucet can empty and many more. … Read More

CryptoNote [Monero] Exchange Software

**Monero (XMR) Integration with Codono** Are you looking to enhance your cryptocurrency exchange with the utmost security and privacy features? Codono now offers seamless integration with Monero (XMR) and various other Cryptonote Protocol-based cryptocurrencies. With Monero, ByteCoin, DashCoin, and other … Read More

Waves CryptoCurrency Exchange Software

Codono now fully supports Waves platform and its assets. Each of your user is provided with Unique Waves address . Where they can deposit Waves and their assets. Deposits are read using Block Reading technique ,Powerful yet automatic technique to … Read More