Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

cryptocurrency exchange script

How Cryptocurrency exchange script works?

The cryptocurrency exchange script, ready to launch with a comprehensive code set, facilitates the creation of a profitable cryptocurrency exchange with the latest specifications. Enhanced security layers thwart fraudulent activities, ensuring asset protection. This script incorporates technologies like PHP, MYSQL, … Read More

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binance liquidity script

Free Coins Module Or Faucet is now Available

can now add free coin faucet for your registered users , in there define coin quantitiy, and duration per user claim, Maximum a faucet can empty and many more. … Read More

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CryptoNote [Monero] Exchange Software

**Monero (XMR) Integration with Codono** Are you looking to enhance your cryptocurrency exchange with the utmost security and privacy features? Codono now offers seamless integration with Monero (XMR) and various other Cryptonote Protocol-based cryptocurrencies. With Monero, ByteCoin, DashCoin, and other … Read More

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Waves Platform Setup on Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Setting Up a Waves Platorm Full Node on Digital OceanYoutube tutorialSecure your waves NodeUpdated Tutorial ==Steps==*Note you may need to use sudo , This tutorial can be used for steps , We recommend to followlatest procedure from waves documentatonStep 1Update … Read More

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Waves CryptoCurrency Exchange Software

Codono now fully supports Waves platform and its assets. Each of your user is provided with Unique Waves address . Where they can deposit Waves and their assets. Deposits are read using Block Reading technique ,Powerful yet automatic technique to … Read More

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Codono Bitcoin Daemon Install

BitCoin Daemon Setup Video 1 This tutorial makes it easy for you to understand How Bitcoin Daemon Configuration and installation needs to be done on Cryptocurrency Exchange Software .Bitcoind Daemon node configuration on DigitalOcean VPS

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Create and Importing MYSQL Database in Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

DigitalOcean Step 1.Command Line Create and Import cPanel Step 1 .Create Database Step2. Locate PHPMyadmin In cPanel Step 2.Import Database Plesk Step 1.Create Datavase Step2. Locate PHPMyadmin In Plesk Step3.Import Database

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Configure Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Email ?

Myths About Email Integration In Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Email is very important that email is sent using a reliable source , People sometimes overlook the email importance and use basic PHPmail or SMTP emails. You would either need to add … Read More

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cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

Curl Error Cryptocurrency Exchange Software To setup MailJet sender with Codono Crypto Exchange Software , You may face CACERT.PEM issue. It can be quickly resolved. Why Error? Transfer of sensitive information is typically done under the cover of digital certificates. … Read More

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